Screen Project

Multi-channel video installation, poetry, drawings, variable size.


Installation view  in Festsaal  von  Hochschule für Grafik und Buchdesign Leipzig  , 2021

In this working method I have tried to include the sensual structure of poetry in the creation of contemporary art, and for the mourning of the screen I will refer to Rilke's poetry (Duino Elegies) and to the expressions of love and mourning in Jorge Luis Borges poetry as references. I understand the screen as a kind of spectral God, and in this respect I will try to include my understanding of Tarkovsky and Bach and Augustine, whether there is this new form of prayer when the screen (the media) is understood as a religion and the screen space as a new form of church.


Installation view  in Festsaal  von  Hochschule für Grafik und Buchdesign Leipzig  , 2021

Screen Test: Tears

Video,  still, 7 Minute, 2021. 

Haiguang Li.

This video consists of 7 clips of me sitting in front of the screen crying, each one minute long.

The videos were taken from a computer screen.

屏幕快照 2021-05-03 16.04.05.png
屏幕快照 2021-05-03 16.06.00.png
屏幕快照 2021-05-03 16.05.34.png
屏幕快照 2021-05-03 16.07.30.png

still cuts of < screen test: Tears>

Screen Judge:A Lover’s Discourse

Video,5 Minute,with sound, 2021.

Haiguang Li.

屏幕快照 2021-06-16 09.27.28.png
屏幕快照 2021-06-16 09.31.38.png

still cuts of < screen Judge: A lover's Discourse

"I don't want to tell you what love is, because you know more about it than I do, I just know that love is that I love you. A tyrant of love rushes out of the screen with a ritual of prayer.“ ——from the video.

Screen Ghost No.1: Glass Kiss

Video, 5 Minute, mit Ton, 2021.

Haiguang Li.

屏幕快照 2021-06-16 09.19.31.png
屏幕快照 2021-06-16 09.22.45.png
屏幕快照 2021-06-16 09.25.21.png

still cuts of < Screen Ghost No.1: Glass Kiss>

"It's like a kind of mental castration that I'm not ready for anyway, and I don't want to see myself like a ghost, like I can't do anything but wait for nothingness to eat me up..." -from the video.

<Screen Empty>


Video, 6 Minute 48 seconds, with sound, 2021

Haiguang Li

屏幕快照 2021-06-22 19.37.11.png
屏幕快照 2021-06-22 19.40.23.png
屏幕快照 2021-06-22 19.37.56.png

still cuts of < screen empty>


installation, monitor, Colourful sentences on monitor.





屏幕快照 2021-07-01 19.34.49.png

Views of Installation < Offline>