李 海 光 

Li Haiguang was born in Hunan, China in 1989.


solo Exhibition

2017 Jun    Flesh Garden                                        Chongqing       501-Xu space       

2016  Oct    The human zoo                                    Beijing        Moshang Experiment



Art  Project

2017 Apr-Jun    <Exhaustion game>                          Wechat and Ming Contemporary Art Museum

2017 May       <Jianshan  Eight scenic spots >          Tianjin    Space Regeneration Projects

2016 Dec-2017 Jun <Performance big show>            Beijing        CAFA Museum

2016 May       <Playground ——Unnamed folder>     Beijing      salt project



Group Exhibition



Nov   <Deconstructing buyology:remaking to resist in an age of consumption>

Beijing         Baitasi Hutong Art Gallery

Nov    < Nose Art Project  Party >

Beijing         Public Image Lid  

Nov    <DLAF—-the 1st Dimensions International Live Art Festival >

Chongqing   Dimensions art center

Jul      <2017 Super Body:Performance Art and its Documentary> 

Beijing       Li-Space

Apr     <China Youth Experimental Art Exhibition 2017>

Shandong    Shandong College of Arts

Mar    <Frontier of Visionary Arts——-Youth image experiments exhibition>

Qingdao  ink not ink Contemporary art space

Mar    <Xi Series Of Youth Experimental Projects——Multiple Halo>  

Shenzhen      Xi   Contemporary art space    


Denmark       GL STRAND




Nov    <The third session of the CAFA Biennale>

           Beijing            China Central Academy of Fine Arts Art Museum

Nov    <Post-sense Sensibility—Trepidation and will>

           Beijing           Minsheng Art Museum

Sep    <Why the performance?>

           Shanghai          Ming Contemporary Art Museum

Aug   <metamorphosis——the Fourth Chinese and Italy Biennale>

         Beijing           TaiHe Art Gallery

Jul     <The Start of a long Journey 2016 CAFA Excellent Graduation Works Exhibition>                  

         Beijing            the Imperial Ancestral Temple

May   <2016 CAFA  Graduation Works Exhibition>  

         Beijing            China Central Academy of Fine Arts Art Museum