A feather from apartment 0836
Trailer, 03'00'', 2020
Haiguang Li

A feather from apartment 0836, trailer

The short documentary film "A Feather from Apartment 0836 "was compiled from the daily accumulated video footage in June 2020 during the virus pandemic. From three different dimensions of daily life, the film presents individual conditions in the context of the virus pandemic in private space :"Apartment 0836'' , public space:"In the Peace park", the vietual dream: " Dream journal". 

Before disasters and before big events happened every day, the character was like a speechless poet, so he often thought of his family. He was so fragile, helpless and dazed. It should be said that each of us in the face of a disaster and an unknown is fragile and dazed, as easily as the feathers thrown from the window sill.

Two springs
5'00'', 2020

Haiguang Li& Yunfeng Zhang

Two springs, trailer

The short film "Two Springs" uses physical performance as the main language of expression to describe a true story that takes place between the suburbs of Beijing and Yanjiao, in which the hosts Li Haiguang and Zhang Yunfeng had an intimate artistic collaboration between 2015 and 2018, often doing performance art together, participating in art exhibitions, organizing and planning art events. They often talk about art and life day and night, and often argue over the slightest disagreement to the point of red-handedness. In order to abandon the differences and contradictions based on ideology and return the communication between people to physical properties, they have made various attempts and efforts

All the material of the short film is derived from the performance records of the two main characters during their collaboration, and finally edited in the form of a kind of "trailer". This work is like measuring memory with images, in the competition between image reality and memory reality, in the distance of "far and near" to recount that time, like the meeting of two springs.